4th Annual Cohesive Strategy Workshop a Huge Virtual Success

4th Annual Cohesive Strategy Workshop a Huge Virtual Success

Along with our partners at the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), we hosted the 4th Annual Cohesive Strategy Workshop virtually for 188 attendees October 4-7, 2021 for an international audience.  The theme of this year’s event was understanding, co-managing, transferring and accepting risk at federal, state, Tribal and local levels to prioritize and invest in decisions, projects and other efforts that result in widespread reduction in risk across landscapes, communities, the public and firefighters


Highlights of the event included keynotes by Meryl Harrell, Deputy Undersecretary for USDA Natural Resources and Environment and Robert Bonnie, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Senior Advisor on Climate for the White House who both confirmed that the Cohesive Strategy remains the solid framework for working together for better fire outcomes.  The meat of the event however, were the robust, interactive conversations around:


  • Gross negligence and other barriers to prescribed fire
  • Co-management of risk
  • Indigenous burning and its influence on today’s burn culture
  • Cross-boundary collaboration and its impact on landscape scale risk reduction
  • Today’s workforce and capacity issues

With over 30 distinct sessions, posters, tools and resources to choose from, attendees received a stout mix of information, dialogue and opportunities for engagement designed to provide specific elements that they can use in their work as they approach the hard truths of learning to live with wildland fire.


If you registered for the event, you have access to all the recorded sessions through the attendee portal.


Planning is already underway for our 5th Annual Cohesive Strategy Workshop so mark your calendars for a combined virtual and in-person event in Asheville, North Carolina November 14-18, 2022!