SWRM Webinar

Sharing Wildfire Risk Mitigation SWRM Tool

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 1pm MT

Lowell Ballard, Director of Geospatial Solutions with Timmons Group will be presenting the latest developments in the Shared Wildfire Risk Mitigation (SWRM) Dashboard Tool that uses GIS data to provide mapped communities at risk, a consistent approach across 13 states (so far), completed in collaboration with local governments, and consistent scoring based on fire adaptation.  Please join us to hear and provide feedback on how this tool can be used to identify and assist in the collaborative, cross-boundary decision-making process.

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Past Events - Recorded

Social Alan Agar event

Assessing Firesheds for Prioritization, Planning and Investment with Dr. Alan Ager

Recorded September 29, 2020

Dr. Alan Ager will be updating us on the advancements in the development of this national “fireshed” dataset and how it can be used to assist decision-makers in prioritizing, planning and investing in cross-boundary, large landscape-level treatments in alignment with the Cohesive Strategy concept of sharing risk and responsibility to achieve landscape resiliency, fire adapted communities and a safe, effective wildfire response.

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