Living with Wildland Fire

The notion of “living with fire” is not new.  Many of our partners across the West have used that term for years as a way to help communities understand what they must do to prepare for, respond to and recover from wildland fire. The Cohesive Strategy suggests that those focusing on landscape resiliency and response are also learning to live with wildland fire. The Western Region has embarked upon a series of Living with Wildland Fire publications and virtual learning opportunities that address the cultural shifts and adaptations that are being embraced at all levels to evolve and advance progress towards the vision and goals of the Cohesive Strategy.

Photo credit: Colleen Rossier

Frank Lake and his daughter Ada collecting huckleberries – a culturally significant source of food for the Karuk, Hupa and Yurok Tribes in northern California. The Cohesive Strategy promotes the value of today’s fire managers learning from our nation’s native populations about the successful use of cultural burning for healthy, productive landscapes; food; medicine and Tribal ceremonies, known as Traditional Ecological Knowledge.