Issue #71 – January News: 2020 planning, power lines and public lands, Klamath TREX, and more…

Issue #71 – January News: 2020 planning, power lines and public lands, Klamath TREX, and more…

StoryMap: Fire Management in the Klamath

This Story Map features a review of the National Strategy Strategic Alignment components and highlights our recognition of the Klamath Prescribed Fire Training Exchange (KTREX) as an exemplary case.

BLM photo Lily Gap

BLM California Issues Memorandum to Expedite Wildfire Risk Reduction Work on Power Line ROWs on Public Lands

The memorandum exempts utility Right of Way (ROW) grantees from obtaining prior approval before they conduct vegetation management, maintenance, and repairs for mitigation of wildfire risk.

Summary from the Sierra Sun -Times
BLM CA Memorandum 

The Fire Year: We All Have Roles to Play

What are you doing to help?

short blog post from USDA Forest Service Fire Aviation and Management about the increasing reality of the year-round fire season, with a shout out to the All Hands All Lands commitment to Cohesive Strategy.

2020 Goals: A Month-by-Month Approach for Collaboratives from Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

When your focus is helping your community live better with fire, your work is never done. Get more accomplished in 2020 by setting achievable goals and working with your partners. Not sure where to start? Here are some month-by-month ideas.

2019 New Mexico Wildfires – Working Together for Resilience

“July 2019 saw two lightning-started wildfires safely play their ecological role in the Tusas Mountains north of El Rito, New Mexico…This 2,021 acres of ‘good fire’ on the El Rito District is the result of long-term planning and coordination among multiple groups.”
~ Authors

Upcoming Events

December 17-18 2019 Collaborative Forest Restoration Program Annual Workshop Albuquerque, MN.

February 16-20 Society for Range Management Meeting Denver, CO

February 25-28 Wildfire Mitigation Academy Training Boise, ID

3/18-20 Central Oregon Fire Science Symposium Bend, OR

March 24-26 2020 International Association of Fire Chiefs Wildland Urban Interface Conference Reno, NV.

April 9, 2020 Pacific Northwest Forest Collaborative Workshop  Hood River, OR.

April 6-8, 2020 After The Flames: Conference and Workshop  Tahoe City, CA.

April 15-16, 2020 Colorado Wildland Fire Conference Grand Junction, CO.

4/20-24 2020 3rd International Smoke Symposium Raliegh NC and Davis, CA

October 26-30, 2020 4th Annual Cohesive Strategy Workshop – Asheville, NC.