Issue #76 – Wireless Emergency Alert templates, CWPP assessment, weaving modern and traditional fire management and more

Issue #76 – Wireless Emergency Alert templates, CWPP assessment, weaving modern and traditional fire management and more

Cohesive Strategy Workshop Postponed

After careful consideration, we’ve made the decision to postpone the 4th National Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy Workshop to October 4-8 2021.
This doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing from us!

We’ll have some great opportunities to stay in touch until we meet again in person.
Stay tuned and we hope to see you in Asheville in 2021.

Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) Templates

Courtesy of the Fire Adapted Communities Network
The inclusion of WEA templates in planning documents gives community authorities the opportunity to design messages before the occurrence of a wildfire and ensure communication strategies are discussed as part of their procedures.

Assessment of Community Wildfire Protection Plans in Arizona and Throughout the West

To increase the effectiveness of fire-adapted community efforts, Melanie M. Colavito and the Northern Arizona University Ecological Restoration Institute developed and tested a set of lessons learned and recommendations that may help shift the creation and implementation of CWPPs toward a more focused and strategic process designed for each plan’s unique local context.

The Fire We Need: Can Managed Fire Heal More Than Just The Forests?

“We have a shared fire problem and clashing systems…Since wildfires are increasing under the influence of climate change, the dominant fire system is being strained, and it’s more important than ever to have multiple voices participate in problem-solving.”
~ Mary Huffman

This High Country News article describes how the Indigenous Peoples Burning Network and The Nature Conservancy are balancing modern and traditional fire management by bringing together formally trained burned bosses and Indigenous fire practitioners. They work and learn side-by-side, determined to return good fire to landscapes and cultures that are starved of it.

Up In Smoke: Fire and Invasives on Western Rangelands

This video, produced by Partners in the Sage, reminds us of the things we need to do together to support collaborative rangeland conservation and resilient landscapes.

“It’s up to us, especially at the state and federal level. We need to bring our recreators, sportsmen, conservation groups, our livestock industry, and our mining industries to the table to have those uncomfortable conversations about how to navigate our natural resource industries as we move into this century. “

Meet Rapping Wildfire Ready Raccoon

The resilient, creative folks at California’s Butte County and Paradise Fire Safe Councils – the ones who’ve seen it all – have birthed a fire-safe public safety phenom.
Ready calls out dangerous homesite conditions and lays out what can happen if you don’t deal. So give it a listen.

We promise it will be the best thing you’ve heard in weeks.

A Safe Memorial Day Weekend to All