Insurance Company Role in Building Fire Adapted Communities

Although this was released back in May, this topic came up on last week’s WRSC call and has since sparked more discussion…feel free to weigh in and share here.   

Michele Steinberg, Program Manager, Wildland Fire Operations Division at NFPA shared the news that USAA Insurance has become the first major company in the US to provide policyholders in Firewise Communities in California a 5% discount on their homeowners insurance. This was approved by the California Insurance Commissioner and will go into effect on October 1, 2014.  

There is no doubt that insurance companies will be closely watching how this plays out for USAA. This incentive could become a new tool in the Fire Adapted Communities toolbox.   

In the meantime, many insurance companies are engaged in spreading property mitigation messages to their policyholders through programs such as Firewise Communities/USA; Ready, Set, GO!, and similar efforts aimed at homeowners sharing responsibility for mitigation.  Some companies provide inspections, mitigation work and even firefighting resources when policyholders’ properties are under threat of wildfire.

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