Crawfish Étouffée, Beignets and Resilient Communities

Last weekend I attended the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  It was a quick trip, filled with many presentations and robust discussions about a wide variety of subjects (…and beignets, and some fantastic étouffée).   

Along with our scheduled presentation, I was looking forward to the meeting to approve the 2014 Annual Resolutions.  

Thirty-five (35) of the proposed resolutions were either directly related to, or could be positively influenced by the core principles of the Cohesive Strategy – and those were just the obvious ones.  Some weird coincidence?  Or perhaps validation that a collaborative approach to achieving goals really is the framework by which we can make real progress towards resolving issues that affect our communities and landscapes?
Joe Stutler presenting during the Public Lands Committee Meeting

Resilient Communities was a major theme running through the conference.  Both the outgoing President Linda Langston and incoming President Sally Clark are committed to better preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters – especially fires and floods.  

“Every fire happens in a county,” Chief Dave Driscoll often reminds me.  When disasters strike, local elected and appointed officials are who the community turns to for relief and recovery. 

Our partnerships with county commissioners on the local level and with NACo on a regional and national level are a natural connection as we strive to achieve landscape resiliency, fire adapted communities and improved fire response.  I’m looking forward to it!