Always remember…

Regardless of your opinion about the Yarnell Tragedy one year ago today, I think we can all agree that it was a tragedy.  Epic tragedy.  In reading the Sit Report this morning ( I noted the question at the end – How can these lessons help change my behavior? 

From a Cohesive Strategy perspective, we ask ourselves this question all the time. As you’ve heard many times before (dead horse) the CS Strategy is not a program, but a framework and a way of doing business that encourages us to ask ourselves the tough questions.  What can we learn from the tragedies, the hitches in our everyday activities and protocols, and especially the successes, to increase the pace and scale of our actions to restore resilient landscapes, create fire adapted communities and improve wildfire response?  

From day to day the answers change…but keep asking, keep thinking outside the box, keep challenging the status quo.