60 Minutes Episode featuring Jack Cohen and Robert Bonnie

Fred Roach’s house left standing following a devastating fire in the Kern River Valley, CA.  Photo: CSB News 

Did you miss last night’s episode of 60 Minutes? Featuring Robert Bonnie, former Undersecretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment, and Jack Cohen, retired researcher for the US Forest Service, the episode revolved around the conundrum we face as a nation around wildland fire. 

A hundred years of fire suppression, a growing wildland-urban interface population, drought and extreme weather conditions are all contributing to the volatile conditions we are facing today.  

In the interview, Jack Cohen says what we do around our homes makes the difference. Robert Bonnie says we will always have to live with fire and now we have to fight it differently than we have in the past. 

My favorite part is when the interviewer asks, “Is there something the public doesn’t get?”  The answer is yes.

Read the full interview and watch the episode here.